Flamenco Passion Show

Flamenco Passion show



Is a Company that born from the interest of giving difusion to Famenco art in all its facets, through the history of music, with a nod to Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla, focus on the dance, strength and rhythm. We will transfer the attendees to another environment with the nuances of the chords of Paco de Lucía, considered the most internationally renowned famenco guitarist who throughout his artistic career and preserved the roots of famenco. As the show is called, ‘De Lucía a Camarón’ refers to an essential name to understand the ‘cante jondo’ of the second half of the 20th century, such as Camarón de la Isla, a revolutionary singer who contributed to the reconversion of the genre, although respecting its most genuine essences. This work is composed of feeling, art and passion that are breathed in each of the chords, with a diferential touch in the choreography, worthy of dazzling any lover of this genre. We represent the original elements of flamenco fusing them with the most current styles such as piano, violin, flute or electric bass. A show designed in small details, meticulous and with a staging capable of wrapping. Formed by a group of artists that make the public enjoy and understand the intentions that we want to transmit in every representation.


Wednesday, November 11 Flamenco Passion returns to the stage with a new show where two great musical legacies merge: flamenco and Arabic music.


January 31 For the first time in Brazil, the Spanish company, Flamenco Passion, born with the interest of spreading the art of flamenco, comes to the stage of Teatro Multiplan
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