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Born in 1991 in Trebujena, province of Cadiz. He began his career in the world of music professionally at age 16, although he has always had the world of art and spectacle very closely. At this age he climbs for the first time to a stage and that is the beginning of that day. his musical training. He receives flamenco lessons from Ezequiel Benítez while taking vocal technique classes from professionals of the technique. At the moment it continues its formation with the soprano Leticia Rodríguez.A short time of entering itself in the world of the music it obtains numerous and important prizes in contests of the genre of the copla. First prizes at a national level, such as the Spanish national song contest in Barcelona, ​​Costa del Sol in the city of Málaga, Álora’s house and friends of the copla of this same city, among many others to be highlighted. In 2013, he became a contestant of the famous Canal Sur program called LLAMA COPLA, reaching third place and a concert tour throughout the Andalusian community. Later on, he managed to carve out a slot in Telecinco’s Got Talent program and became finalista. Frecuently manages to enter the program «A tu vera» of television in La Mancha and after three months of competition is made with the victory of the program becoming the winner of the last edition. Intermittently performs television appearances in programs of Andalusian television and manchega In the program «Original y Copla», «El Legado» or «La tarde aquí y ahora» of Canal Sur and in the programs «En Compañía» and «Estando Contigo» night of Castilla la Mancha media. Now is still training as a singer and performer and figure as a guest artist in the flamenco company of «Agustin Barajas» in the show «Entre Copla y Flamenco» (represented by all the Spanish geography and in the Flemish festivals of Tan-Tan, Morocco and Riga, Latvia). A At the end of May 2019, his first single titled «En propia piel» will be released, with which he intends to open a gap in the current musical panorama and reach all kinds of audiences.

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